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This is the Wiki of the Dungeon Squad, a group of D&D players whose lives are for some unknown reason, being wrote out into a wiki and split into Episodes. A bit like that Kardashians program just with more...strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom and charisma.

The characters portrayed by each cast member are listed here

Ongoing Campaigns

Below are the current ongoing campaigns and their characters.

Ashleigh's One Shot Series

The Secrets of Skyhorn Lighthouse

Max's Princes of the Apocalypse.

Ashleigh's Out of the Abyss.

Session 001: Captured!

Session 002: A Wild Escape

Session 003: Something Fishy is Afoot

Upcoming Series

Ashleigh's Welcome To Madness (Call of Cthulu)

Tom and Jon's Call for Souls (Pre-Production)

Episodes List

Series 1

Episode 1: Where Max catches up with an old friend.

Episode 2: Where Max drags Tom and Jon into mad mad world.

Episode 3: Where Jon is late.

Episode 4: Where Tom and Ashe go to a fair.

Episode 5: Where Andre goes to another land.

Episode 6: Where Max and Jessie go to another land.

Episode 7: Where Andre returns and with Tom, they both storm a lighthouse and threatens to rip someones balls off

Episode 8: Where it gets scary.

Episode 9: Where he goes full on Lenny.

Episode 10: Where the best laid redemption arc's often go astray.

Episode 11: Where Ashe finds a time machine and we all go back to 1920

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